While the industry has seen its share of changes over the past 15 years (for example, the decline and slow recovery of the housing industry, and increased environmental concerns and regulatory changes) one thing has remained the same: the desire to find and keep good technicians.

It Begins in The Interview

There’s no secret to where this process begins. It’s during the interview. Here the employer has the opportunity to minimize the potential of high turnover, call backs, and potential litigation in the future.

Traits of a Good Technician

Too often the need for an immediate employee exceeds the need for an ideal employee. Here are some traits that I find many good technicians have in common:

  1. The desire to excel regardless of the job or task at hand
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Personable
  4. A willingness to listen, learn and act accordingly
  5. Self-motivated
  6. Good time management
  7. Good communication skills

Ask Good Questions

During the interview process, ask questions that can reveal if he or she has many of the listed traits. While experience is often a good thing, it should not be mandatory. Some of your best technicians will have no pest control experience but they will most likely have many of the above traits.

It’s important that both the employer and potential employee have clear expectations of what is expected of them and communicate that during the interview process.

Traits of a Good Employer

So how do you keep a good technician? Here are some traits good employers have in common that help them keep good technicians:

  1. Offer good or fair incentives
  2. Show respect and appreciation for their employees
  3. Good leadership, listening and communication skills
  4. Have a good understanding of the overall business

Keep in mind that there are other factors that can affect an employer’s ability to find and keep good technicians, but the interview is a good place to start.

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