plants in a greenhouse

Plant & Greenhouse

MGK® is a leading manufacturer of plant protection products with botanically derived and synthetic active ingredients for plant and greenhouse insect control. Our comprehensive portfolio of effective, easy-to-use products is suitable for use in greenhouses and nurseries.

Protecting Plants in Many Environments

The ideal conditions for good plant growth — warmth, humidity and ample nutrients — also create the ideal environment for pests to thrive in. The MGK portfolio includes a range of options to help rid greenhouses and nurseries of economically destructive insects

plants in a greenhouse

Responsible Products, Effective Solutions

As a world leader in manufacturing botanical and synthetic products, MGK provides insect control solutions for outdoor, greenhouse and nursery plants. Effective against many insects and other pests in a wide range of situations, MGK products offer producers the flexibility to choose the best product to meet specific needs.

A variety of high-quality insecticides are suitable for garden and greenhouse plants. In addition to the lineup of products powered by pyrethrum, MGK also offers products made with synthetic pyrethroids combined with the synergist MGK® 264, which helps make the products effective at lower concentrations.

plants in a greenhouse

Plant & Greenhouse Products

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